Moving Tips

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How to Move Your Houseplants to Your New Home

Moving is already pretty stressful, especially when you include plants in the mix. Moving houseplants from one house to another adds a level of difficulty to your move, but it’s well worth the trouble. Remember that plants are a living organism, so moving can be stressful for them too. You must take special precaution to make sure your plants make…

Moving 101: How to Pack Your Electronics for Moving

Since the shift of the century, electronic gadgets have started to take up more space in our house. We don’t usually realize we have as many gadgets as we do until it’s time to move. Electronics are usually expensive, fragile, and sensitive to temperature. You need to make sure they are packed properly and can withstand the trip to your…

Moving Tips: The Right Way to Pack Your Kid’s Room

Moving is a stressful time for your entire family, but especially for young children. Although we may not always think about them first, children often have a difficult time adjusting to the changes of moving homes. There are many factors that contribute to the discomfort of a move, such as leaving friends behind, as well as familiar rooms and routines.…

Moving Tips: How to Pack Up Your Garage for Moving

Garages and storage areas are always packed last because most people are not sure how to pack their garage for moving. One thing is certain: it poses more of a challenge than the rest of your house. Sharp objects, dirt accumulation, and awkwardly-shaped items are all common inhabitants of a garage. However, with a bit of planning, you can work…

Business Moving Hacks: Tips On How to Successfully Move Your Office Space

There are many reasons why you may think about moving your business from one office to another. Moving premises has many advantages. It can improve employee morale, make your business more cost effective, be a more convenient location, improve brand perception and can even represent an upgrade in technology. Your employees spend most of their day at work, so moving…